Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fish Park

Every morning on my way to work, I pass what looks like a small, run-down view point and parking lot. The place is called Fish Park - its right between Viking Way Poulsbo and Front Street Poulsbo at the point of Liberty Bay. It really doesn't look like much - but, what's that phrase... never judge a book by its cover... totally applies here.

Sometimes, Chad will take me to work on Saturday morning,s and on the days he does, we usually bring Milli with us. I've always known they go on walks after the drive, usually visiting Fish Park, but what I didn't know was anything about it.

Well, last night, I got my chance to see it for myself. I wanted to go pick blackberries. I had our usual spots in mind, Clear Creek, my friend Ashley's house, Island Lake - but Chad said we just HAD to go to Fish Park. I wasn't exactly excited to hear this... I wasn't even sure why we were going to go to the weird little parking lot for berries... I knew he had picked about 8 single blackberries, there the week before - but that wasn't exactly what I was looking for....

Well... again... I can admit it - I was wrong. Fish Park is SO MUCH MORE than a parking lot!! It is a beautiful, well-built, trail system. According to an interpretive sign (one of many) the park spans 20 acres and the trails were built mostly by volunteers and donations. 2/3 of the trail snakes through pretty dense non-pine forest, while the other third goes through a grassland and around a thick part of a creek/stream. I can't find any information about the water way....

While we were there we found TONS of blackberries, snowberries (poisonous), rose hips, apples and pears. We also saw a huge splash in the stream while standing on a lookout, we think it was a river otter or beaver - apparently both live there.


And, did I mention the crazy wood salmon! It looks like its made of small pieces of drift wood. It's perched at the top of a hill - perfect photo opt.

Really - if you have a dog or are just looking for a nice stroll one evening - try out Fish Park in Poulsbo - its totally worth the trip.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Collins Campground

Let me just start this off with - Holy goodness Collins Campground is by far the coolest place in the world.

So, last weekend, Chad and I finally got the opportunity to go camping in Washington. The whole trip was a little haphazardly planned - so we hadn't made a reservation anywhere or had a specific plan in mind. Luckily, Chad had randomly been given that Friday off and with a little help from a friend, I had found a couple first-come-first-serve campsites.

We hit the jackpot. The first place Chad went, he got a spot (the last spot, the best spot). It was in the Collins Campground and it was at the joining of Collin's Creek and the Duckabush River. Literally, creek to the left and river at the front. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

Duckabush River

Collins Creek 

Easy to get to, take the 101 south on the Olympic Peninsula to Duckabush River Road, drive about 5 miles and you're there. Once you get there, pick one of the 14 spots (just drive up to an empty one) and its $14 a night ($5 extra for each car over 2). Bring cash (small bills so you have exact change) or a check. There are two vault toilets - very well maintained - and a picnic table and fire pit with grill at each spot. Dogs are ok. The place totally clears out on Sunday morning, so if you can, do a mid-week trip and you'd have the whole place to yourself.

The river was COLD! Which didn't stop Chad and our friend from going in and submerging themselves! Didn't keep our friend's dogs out either (Milli however kept her sweet distance). I got in to about my thighs at one point... the current wasn't too strong along the shore, but it was too cold for me.

Another great feature was the waterfall. It wasn't at our camp, but about 2 miles drive farther up Duckabush River Road, then a mile hike. It was wonderful! The hike was nice, a bit of hill, but well maintained, huckleberries EVERYWHERE (Little Man K and I munched on those the whole way up)! The trail ends at Marhut Falls. A beautiful waterfall with a pool of calm-ish water at its base. The lookout point is high, about halfway down the falls, but you can walk down to the falls... or climb down.

I couldn't have begged for a better first camping spot in Washington. I would literally fly across the country to camp here each year! Enjoy!!