Thursday, September 6, 2012

Space Needle!

You've seen it a million times - the Seattle skyline, flashing across your TV screen. Tall buildings, piers along the waterfront, then the Space Needle. The only tall - and weird looking - structure on the northern end of the city.

Chad and I have been talking about visiting the Space Needle since we moved here, two years ago. It's iconic Seattle - its one of the things you just HAVE TO DO. So, finally, this past Tuesday, we did! We went up the Space Needle!

There really isn't much to say about it. After walking the 1.8 miles from the ferry to the needle, we paid for our tickets (though its not advertised, they do have a military rate of $2 off), walked over to the elevator, took a 41 second ride to the top and walked around the observation deck. It was a beautiful clear day - so clear that you could see Mt Rainier off in the distance! We did have a bit to eat from the snack bar - a delicious razor clam chowder in a bread bowl - cheap and delicious!

I highly recommend going on a clear day, in the middle of the day, in the middle of the week. There was no line at all when we got there, but you can see the way the place is set up, they are used to having LONG, Disneyland like lines. Also, don't think you're gonna spend a whole day there - or even really an hour. Even with going out on the deck twice, enjoying the sun on a bench, having our soup, reading a few signs and taking a bunch of pictures - I think we were there for maybe 45 minutes. I could have stayed a bit longer but Chad had been bored for a while.

The arrow is pointing to Mt. Rainier :)

Upon returning home, I found out that if you are going up around lunch time, just go to the restaurant. As long as you eat a full meal there, it covers your entrance fee.

Its an iconic Seattle attraction for a reason. The Space Needle is just cool. Totally worth the trip.