Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Welcome to Granite SW!

Today marks the last day of Granite NW... Chad and I have officially relocated to San Diego... the definition of SW...

Here's a quick recap:

During the Fall of 2012 Chad went to San Diego for Drill Instructor Training. Come December 19th he graduated with flying colors (of course). Which meant, we were moving to San Diego 45 days later.

Instead of taking a bunch of time to prepare for our move, we decided to postpone thinking about it till the very end... I worked for another three weeks... we took a week long vacation in Florida... THEN we started to pack. Knowing we couldn't do this move on our own, we called on my family for help - a BUNCH of my family! We flew my Dad up from San Diego to help us drive the big ole moving truck down. We flew my Mom over from Idaho to watch the cat and dog and take them and the other car back to ID until we were settled enough to pick them up. We were lucky enough to have my Aunt Leanne and Uncle David come over to help with the heavy lifting and pack up our moving truck! We even had our friend Melodie and Leo come over to help with that part! With all this help, we were able to pack, load and relocate an entire 3 bedroom house in just 4 days. 

 My Aunt Leanne!

To get to southern California we took the 5 the whole way down. Luckily, we never hit any snow. It did however rain and fog on us all the way until we hit California...

Our second sunrise.

Chad's first time driving the Jeep with the trailer

The awesome fog we hit on the Oregon pass... this picture makes it seem clearer than it actually was...

 While I was driving there was lots of singing going on!!

After a long... long drive. We made it! We are now living in an apartment in north county. Its hot here - up in the 50s! And there is a lot of traffic - like a lot. But there is also a lot of family here, a lot of good Mexican food and a lot of sun.

So this will be good. This blog will still be here, it will just be written from a different place in the US.