Friday, November 25, 2011

Welcome to Melia Tropical!

I hope your bellies are full and your hearts are happy and grateful. My Thanksgiving was wonderful, and I very much so hope yours was too!!

But there are more pressing matters than explaining the menu past and who all celebrated with who - what is important this morning is the passing of more awesome pictures and experiences from our trip to the Dominican Republic!

So, I should tell you a bit about where we stayed and how we found this paradise. We stayed at a resort called Melia Caribe Tropical in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. It was on the eastern shore of the island, surrounded by about a million other resorts, but you couldn't see them, unless you were on the beach. Mom and I found the resort together - she got an email from Costco Travel - and I poked around the site for many hours comparing days, locations and cost. The D.R. was the most appealing choice - outside the US, but not toooo far away, it was on the beach, all inclusive - including alcohol - AND the trip would be cheap if we went at the tail end of hurricane season!

 This is the reception area while we were waiting for dinner.


I couldn't believe how beautiful the grounds were! We even had the chance to compare our resort to 5 others one day, and Melia was by far the prettiest, with the least amount of construction going on. They had peacocks all over, and flamingos and even this entire area of untouched mangrove swamps!

The pool bar was our favorite spot to hang out. We had some of the coolest bartenders - the same 4 guys rotating shifts the whole time we were there. After just one time going, they knew us, our drinks and that we liked to ask questions about them. Carmelo was my favorite - he was sweet and totally shy - a good bartender who took damn good care of our party. One day, one of the guys started taking pictures of us, then had us go around to the back of the bar! Even had Chad open the beer tap and drink straight out of it! Freaking hilarious! Ohhh and the Mama Juana.... JUST ONE MORE!! A LITTLE ONE! my mom's favorite exclamation! Hahahha


Ok, more to come later!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Welcome to Paradise!

Imagine this: You've been sardine stuffed in an airplane for three hours. Your back is cramped, your neck is stiff. Finally, they've opened that damned cabin door - the line is moving, slowly, ouch! damn arm rest, damn knee. Great, now cranky....  Why don't they hurry up, damn old lady. Don't pack so much next time. Goodness gracious this is freaking horrib................ Is that the sun? It's so warm! Its so clear! Are those palm fronds on the airport roof! No wait they ARE the roof! Coconut trees?! Awwww.... paradise.

That was exactly how it started - the week of awesome. I was literally rendered - well, if it were actually possible, I would've been rendered speechless. This! was the Dominican Republic? This picture of perfection, this paradise was the D.R.?! SWEET!

This vacation had been a long time in the making - and it all started with my mom and Jack not being able to go to Scotland. A short time after she broke this news to me, I suggested "Why don't all of us just take a vacation somewhere closer to home? Make it a family thing. Me, You, Chad, Jack, Lisa and Sharron! It'll be great!" She then found Costco Travel. We both picked the Dominican Republic. And waa-laa! We were all going to Punta Cana in November!

So, here we are again, you get to listen to me babble on about another wonderful vacation I've been on. Here are a couple teaser pictures:

paradise huh? Told ya!